Our Company


Mission: Commitment to the growth of our company, from product quality and differentiated service that characterizes us.

Vision: Passion for what we do.


Our History

1998: Starting of SINER SA as distributor in the province of Tucumán, Argentina with the representation of :  Novartis, Rohne Poulenc, Monsanto and BASF laboratories.
2002: Those companies join to the distribution: Syngenta, Texaco, Tecnidex, Magan and Atanor.
2003: Opening of new branch in Metan and Las Lajitas, Salta.
2005:  The first formulation aids of own production occurs, achieving excellent quality products such as concealers, vegetable oil and tensiowett.
2006: It begins with the formulation of own insecticides and fungicides.
2007: Opening of branch in Pichanal, Salta.
2010: Start the first exports to Bolivia adjuvants, then expanding to Central America.
2011: It’s inaugurated a modern laboratory for quality control equipped with liquid and gas chromatography, with the assistance of external consultants.
2013: A new formulation plant for own products is opened.
2016: SINER SA

Our Team

Tucuman | Los Nogales

Ing. Antonio Ahualli | President
Ing. Agustín Sáenz | Vice-President
CPN Hugo Olveira | Manager
Ing. Facundo Paz Posse | Commercial Technical Advisor
Ing. Graciana Cordileone | Commercial Technical Advisor
Ing. Diego Gonzalez Llonch | Commercial Technical Advisor
CPN Bruno Perez | Accounting
CPN Natalia Salles | Accounting
David Acevedo | Administration
Fernanda Escobar | Administration
Belen Manrique/ Administration
Daniel Sassi | Administration
Alejandro Sausa | Billing

Martín Villecco | Administration
Elena Rojas | Administration
Carlos López |Factory and Logistics
Esteban Guerra | Warehouse and Logistics
Guillermo Acevedo |Logistics
José Pereyra |Logistics
Julio Peñaranda | Factory
Nicolás Santucho | Factory
Andrés Bustamante | Factory
Franco Brizuela | Factory
Orabel Villagra | Factory
Cristian Bustos | Warehouse
Ramón Leandro Martín | Warehouse
Guillermo Acevedo | Security

National route N° 9 km 1307,5  |  CP: 4103 |  Los Nogales, Tafí Viejo | Tel: (+54) 0381- 4921273/4/5/6



Ing. Román Figallo | Manager
Ing. Ricardo Cappeletti | Commercial Technical Advisor
Ing. Gonzalo Rodriguez | Commercial Technical Advisor
Claudia Nuñez | Administration
César Medina | Warehouse

J. M. Estrada 67 | CP: 4440 | Tel. (+54) 03876-424429


Ing. Lucas Norris | Manager
Ing. Rafael Bacci | Commercial Technical Advisor
Ing. Martin Miller | Commercial Technical Advisor
Emilse Mansilla | Administration
Agustina Fioretti | Administration
Adrián Sarmiento | Warehouse
Omar Llanos | Logístics

Route 5 and 30 Industrial Complex in Las Lajitas | CP: 4449 | Tel: (+54) 03877-494108 /064


Ing. Juan Pablo Sassi | Manager
Ing. Fernando Marconi | Commercial Technical Advisor
Rosa Aguado | Administration
Leonardo Ruiz | Warehouse

Av. Güemes S/N | cp: 4534 | Tel: (+54) 03878 – 15526232

Entre Ríos


Hernán Goñe | Manager
Ing. Rodrigo Garat | Commercial Technical Advisor
Nicolás Beñatena | Administration
Carolina Arias | Administration
Martín Solís | Warehouse

Av. Pte Perón 3800 | CP: 3200 | Tel: (+54) 0345 – 4291209


Ing. José Ramos | Commercial Technical Advisor
Guillermo Sacks | Administration

Acceso Norte Carlos Fuente S/N. Tel: 03455-15431255


Ing. Emiliano Marsilli | Commercial Technical Advisor
Facundo Pezzelatto | Administration and Warehouse

Ruta Provincial N°2 y calle 2 |  Tel: (+54) 03456-15495720