We have suitable warehouses for logistics and chemicals storage to third parties, including stock control system and shipments with customers vehicles or third parties.


They are outside of the urban area, with a total area of 15 hectares in an area authorized for storage, handling and storage of agrochemicals. Adopted by the management of environmental, declared free of environmental impact.

Our deposits are qualified and certified as “PREMIUM” in CASAFE (The Chamber of Agricultural Health and Fertilizers).

We have a large fleet of trucks and smaller size vehicles to ensure delivery of our merchandise in a timely manner, facilitating the logistics of our producer.

We have a covered area of 6000 m2, which are under all safety standards required by our activity.

  • Alarms against theft and fire alarms.
  • Fire detection systems with installed networks and water supply by a huge Australian tank of 300.000 liters.
  • Stated and mobile extinguishers.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Rafts of spill containment.
  • Heat insulating structures and ventilations provided with spiro.
  • Cistern tanks with 90,000 liters of capacity to store cure-fruits oils. 
  • Warehouses to give logistics services and chemicals storage to third parties.
  • Vehicles for distribution and supply branches, mobile for technicians, forklifts and racks storage.
  • Surveillance  24/7.
  • Consolidated load areas of about 4 hectares.